Robert D. Wilkens


I'm a retired (due to disability) software engineer (Hobby now, used to be a paid engineer). Some of my work/project history is below to help me not forget it, if you find it interesting, terrific.

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Address : Levittown, NY 


Student Centered Class Asst.


App is for use by teachers in a classroom, it allows the use of a seating chart to take attendance, keep track of whether homework was handed in, and take fire drill attendance.  Also, it randomly creates groups of students and picks students at random. The featureset in this app was specifically requested, initially, by a High School Teacher in the family (so yes, this is one of those things I wrote for personal needs, but others can access it). It's on Google Play and Apple App Store, written in Java/Kotlin for Android, and Swift for IPadOS. Use the app title link text above to get to downloads page.

FMail for Windows 8 store (POP3 E-Mail Client)


I wrote this Very basic POP3 e-mail (using "metro" for windows) app in C# because Windows 8 did not include POP3 support in the Windows Mail app. Basically, i needed to be able to access an account so i created the app. The app, fmail for windows store, was on Windows 8 App Store, when Windows 10 came out POP3 support was once again included in mail app so this app was no longer necessary.  The reviews for this app weren't too good, but I really wrote it for my own needs and 'let' other people buy it (I earned maybe a couple thousand dollars when it was for sale, which was perfect because I had income limitations on disability insurance.)

Contact Management App for Anritsu


Used a tree display (with drag and drop) to organize contacts (In a C# WinForms app) with a separate database online (PHP/MySQL) remotely accessed for each of 5 major cellular telephone companies' field service workers.

Co-developed early versions of TMSWIN (Tribunal Management System, for annulments) and DMSWIN (For Dispensations) for use by Catholic Diocese Offices

1998-2003 via NAV. Co, LLC Contract

Database to track cases handled by the church's equivalent of a court system.

Past Employments

Geo-Centers, Inc. (Now SAIC)


Contracted to implement software that would be used to detect chemical weapons at a distance, it used tcp/ip sockets from a Linux client to talk to a sensor, and i wrote the software which plotted the sensor readings onto a graph. Ultimately, these readings would be sent to a beowulf cluster which would evaluate the data and provide a red light or green light (not safe or safe).

Concurrent Computer Coporation a.k.a. Harris Computer Systems Corporation (both names at different times when i was there)


Initially Lead Software Engineer, promoted to Senior Engineer on Quality and Reliability Engineeering Team of UNIX Real- time Operating systems software engineeering department (Research & Development).   Performance review said that "Robert Solves at least 2x as many problems as anyone else on team." Coded mostly C language code for the UNIX Kernel. Implemented new features besides bug fixing too.

Clemson University College of Engineering and Science


Student Employee for Engineering Computer Operations which renamed to CNS - Computer and network support for Clemson College of Engineeering. I wrote computer software that tried to repair windows system files at login/boot time (if users deleted file or left files behind, it would clean it up on restart in the novell login scripts)       

Other early part time work

1990, 1991-1996

1990 - Video Game Discount Outlet at Nassau Mall in Levittown, NY doing video game sales.
1991-1996 Summer job at Loews Theaters in Levittown, Concessions, Box Offics, Ushering- frequently ranked top in sales on a sales-commissioned job